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Consumerism at it’s most adorable

January 25, 2016

Kipling is coming on one year, and the cliché is right, it just flys by. In that time he went from a wide eyed, big mouthed little blob of curiosity, to a smiling, chatty, running little man who takes charge and isn’t afraid of anything.

Raising him thus far hasn’t been without challenges, but it has given me time to really get to know my son, and take him on some really fun local adventuring. Future blogs about our hiking excursions are coming soon.

One thing being a parent has made me more aware of, is purchasing handmade items I can trust in quality and safety, especially when I can support another mom. The following are some of my favorite mom produced items, beautifully designed, exceptionally made, and adorable to boot.

Boolah Baguette
Erin, located in Saskatoon Canada, creates plush dolls and animals which she sells through etsy, has a sweet wordpress, and just put together the sweetest baby gift set that has me eager for a friend to announce their pregnancy so I have a reason to snag one!

 One of the baby sets, currently available via etsy.
Boolah Baguette was responsible for Kipling’s main Christmas gift, a baby safe custom cat with his name.  Kipling snuggling with his custom cat.


This California based company creates handmade clothing, my favorite being their harem rompers, and pom pom hats. I was lucky enough to win a romper via instagram, and have since purchased a few more of different material weights allowing us to rock this cute style all seasons (or at least all California seasons).  They also make pants, leggins, sweatshirts, and hair accessories.

 Kipling in his Anchoredeep pom pom hat, for which someone always comments and asks where it from.
 Kipling in his Anchoredeep romper.

Chewable Charms

For a mom with a young child, teething necklaces are a great help especially on the go. Chewable Charms has joined the marketplace with a fashionable necklace, I would rock even without the baby. Additionally, teething bracelets are available to tie your outfits together, and are great for handing to your little one in a restaurant when you forget they’re teething toy (trust me, I know)! Located in California, this company’s charms are a must for any jewelry loving momma!

 Kipling enjoying a Chewable Charm bracelet


 Rocking my Chewable Charm set.