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Recycled Material

October 27, 2009

I took a giant empty onion bag from work that they were going to toss out.

I saved it from the depths of  a garbage dump and hand sewed some wallets today.  All I need is some velcro and they will be complete.


I am hoping to make it to JoAnn’s this week so I can get the felt I need for the projects I am putting together for Christmas this year.

I plan on having more creative days like today….




The Huntington Library

October 23, 2009




October 18, 2009

Came home from work to my partner cooking me an amazing dinner.

Artichokes with freshly infused veganaise- spicy!

And cous-cous with veggies and tofu sauteed in garlic olive oil.


Also got this beauty the other day. Prehnite and sterling silver ring by Kay Taylor! (Photo does not do justice!)


Came across this beauty

October 16, 2009

Got this stone that I love for its layered look.


Once I finally find a metal arts studio in Southern California I will bezel set it and create a custom ring!

Anyone with knowledge of one, please feel free to let me know.

For occupation this

October 15, 2009

For occupation this- spreading wide my narrow hands- to gather paradise

I am creating this blog with the hopes to share things I experience in my every day that give me a little piece of paradise.

Being drawn to the outdoors, nature, travel, organics, fresh food, cooking, baking, crafting and creating- it will probably follow along those themes.