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Bay Area

December 3, 2009

My pie crust success!

I miss the Bay Area like crazy, and decided sporting a couple maps of the bay area in a glass locket was the way to go.

To recreate- get a sterling silver and glass locket (google, or visit a local jewelry store and riffle through their Rio Grande catalog).  Cut up your place of choice on a map in the shape of the locket and insert.  I love these lockets cause they are two sided and you can mix and match what you put in them daily!



December 1, 2009

My kitten Quin is about 7 months old. He’s a total terror. Anything he can get into that he is not suppose to he does.  Any person or thing he can harass he does.

I took this picture because it’s a rare occasion.  Quin and Caleeco (the tortie) in a calm moment!  Usually he’s jumping on her back and biting her until his mouth is full of fur.

I cannot wait for him to grow up.

Went to the Huntington Library (again) and wandered the desert garden.  I love seeing things my tattoos are inspired by in reality.  Because it makes me smile, here’s a picture of my tattoo, inspired my nature.