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Came across notes on old dreams

June 15, 2010

Dream 1
Bill Nye came into a large event I was at with some girlfriends. He was a lot younger and had a neck tattoo. He was high and stoked about his birthday, and invited my friends and I to fly to NY with him.
Robbie was at the event, but one his friends broke something, or puked a lot- so I had to wait for him, and missed NY.

Dream 2
I took Quin to a park, where we went down slides and swung on the swings. There were lots of dogs but Quin wasn’t scared. By the time we went home Quin was tired, and we had to run through an streets full of sprinklers.



June 13, 2010

One of my favorite things is gemstones.   Another one is adornment.

As a result, I have a huge jewelry addiction.  Working in the jewelry industry has allowed me to fulfill that addiction, and as body modification has reached a peak in popularity more and more people have been learning lapidary skills and making stone plugs.  I’ve always wanted to have a custom pair made with my favorite material- Ocean Jasper, and I came across the company Relic Stoneworks.   They have great word of mouth, and a website that shows awesome rough material.

Today I got the most beautiful drop shaped Ocean Jasper plugs in the mail, and without a doubt this companies quality exceeds my expectations.