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February 18, 2010

I keep my window cracked at night so I can have fresh air.  It’s the perfect weather to have a nice breeze drifting in.  Sometimes my neighbors are having parties and I can hear music or talking that interrupts my sleep.  More often though I hear frogs.

My neighbor built an amazing front yard a couple years ago. Now there is ivy covering the surrounding fence, so I can’t see the exact layout.   I remember  there is the pond.   It’s from this pond that I hear the frogs.

One moment there is silence, and the next the frogs are croaking full blast and in unison.  It makes me really happy that I have my window open.


Labret jewelry

February 8, 2010

My friend spends every week in  a lapidary studio.  As his friend I have been able to take advantage of his time and skill.  As a result I have gotten some amazingly beautiful jewelry, including the Ocean Jasper Labret- seen on right.  He’s making me a matching Ocean Jasper cabochon, so I can make a matching necklace when I get metal studio time.  Organic material makes me happy!