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Lucky Duck

November 14, 2010

Pictures say it all.



November 5, 2010

After watching Quin play with the dog next door I was swayed towards getting a second cat.

After skowering the internet for various sources- SPCA, Humane Society, and lastly Hopalong, I found the perfect kitten.  A 3 month old female described for her energetic personality, love of other animals and cuddlebug tendencies.

I have had her two days, and the kitties are already playing together and sleeping in the same bed (with me).

Savannah is very reminiscent of Quin as a kitten.  High energy and playful.  The differences, Quin would meow at any possibly moment, while Savannah’s meow is silent.  Quin would jump on the back of animal with a swift swat, Savannah lays on her back or runs at the sign of aggression.  They are pretty damn cute playing together.