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April 27, 2013

I have only been unemployed now for a week now.

So far I have learned how to play croquet surrounded by a bunch of dapper dressed individuals; gave my kitty Quin a new home that I am confident will end up being the best place for him of all the homes he has had in his four years; ate abalone my friend dived for himself; contacted a farm in Oregon for August that is a self described homestead community that has a shared interest wood survival, and a farm in Hawaii for a season next year; and went to the coast to play at the beach while my friend ab dived.

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The journey begins

April 19, 2013

Had my last day at work today.  Didn’t feel like my last day as we were super busy and short a staff member.

Had a very nice time catching up and getting drinks after work with my coworkers, before coming home and permanently turning off my alarm for 6am.  No more!

I should have everything in storage by mid next week, and a garage sale by the end of the week.  Looking forward to a more minimalistic, but still more rewarding existence.

Tattoo session with color

April 12, 2013

Tattoo session with color

Had my second session (3 hours). Got the shading and the majority of the coloring done. Only one small session to go.
I couldn’t be happier with the end product.

Outline of a year

April 2, 2013

It is wonderful how a path of uncertainty can become so clear.

The more I plan for my upcoming year the more things fall into place.

My number one concern was my cats, and thanks to amazing organizations and incredible friends I know my cats will be taken care of.  This is allowing me to further focus on my year plans and take steps for everything to come together smoothly in the way I need.

The following is a loose outline for my year…

May- After attending some amazing bike events in the bay, I will travel to Morgan Hill to work at a small farm learning new skills.

June- After leaving the farm, I will embark on a 3 day backpacking trip in Santa Cruz county.  The mid to end of the month I will be going to Portland for their yearly Pedalpalooza event.

July- I will be volunteering in the bay area including trail maintenance and Habitat for Humanity. 30th Birthday celebrations  will include mead, sushi, and Angel Island camping.

August- I am still looking for a farm to spend the month at. Hoping for one with animal husbandry preferred.

September- Attending the wedding of close friend in the Bay.  Mid month I will be traveling to Idaho for Rabbitstick (primitive learning), and possibly a trip to Boulder at the end of the month.

October- Attending the wedding of a close friend in Sonoma.  Then the much awaiting vacation time in Okinawa to visit a friend!!!

November- return from Okinawa.  Then….?

November and December are up the air.  Possibly go to Bend, Oregon…