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Strawberry, not just a fruit

December 29, 2010

Bought my ticket for Strawberry Music Festival.

I am so excited to camp and have 4 days of music.

And lucky me, already have my friend Ben joining me.


Mini Vacation

December 29, 2010

Drove with a friend to Monterey.  Took the long route down Hwy 1, which I never take, and now question why.

Compared to 880 and the 17, and really tons of others, the view is gorgeous.


Stayed at the Lone Oak Lodge in Monterey, which provided not only an affordable room, but a hot tub (with a horrible chemical smell that lingered), a TV (not having one makes it oh so exciting), and a large bed for which to cuddle and watch bad TV.  Glad to be back home with the cats, but partially wishing I was back there.


Already in the works with another friend for an out of town trip.  This time, destination likely: Desert!

New Years concert, too much food, and presents under the tree

December 25, 2010

Went to a jazz concert at Yoshi’s in Oakland last night with my family. It was a great show, with an amazing jazz saxophone player- Pharoah Sanders.  I must admit, the enthusiastic guy yelling “wake em up” over and over again during the drum solo was the highlight. Especially when he chimed in with “wake the mother fuckers up!”  For a moment I forgot about Pharoah, his dancing on stage, which was the total 70 year old man I can barely walk but look at my get down move, and his obvious musical talent.

Had a huge crab dinner and went into a food coma. I don’t think anything is better than falling asleep to the TV and full of food, in that sort of dreamy state where your still aware of everything around you, but you are mentally separated from it all.

And lastly, I have an autoharp waiting for me under the tree!


December 13, 2010

I am finally going to start learning the Autoharp in February.  I am excited to have the dexterity to eventually play well.  My ultimate hope, to play lots of folk, most especially this song.


The best party is it’s one more step to having another thing completed on my bucket list.

So far this upcoming 2011 year includes: ice skating on a frozen pond, camp in the snow, learning the autoharp, and traveling through Greece.

2011 is going to be amazing.

East Bay Bike Party!

December 11, 2010

Last night was the Holiday East Bay Bike Party.

Started at Downtown Berkeley BART, and then we rode through the streets, going through neighborhoods where people came out to watch, cheer and clap to our music.  I am sure there was hundreds of us, but it’s hard to tell cause we get stopped at lights and end up in subgroups.  First stop was Actual Cafe to celebrate their 1 year anniversary, where there was a band, cake and best of all s’mores.  It’s really satisfying taking up an entire lane with bikes and people (on San Pablo).  From there we circled through Emeryville, which got a little shady when motorcyclists decided to join our route and attempt to show off on the wet streets.  I think they were jealous since we had a bigger gang than them.  Headed down San Pablo to Market, and ended up at a brewery in West Oakland by train tracks.  Beer, a silly performance by the derailleurs, which reminded me of a “cool” cheerleading/dance troupe, learning backgammon and good company made for a great evening.  Ended it was a nice quiet ride home, taking an alternate route than the rest of the group leaving at 1am or so.

Next weeks the San Jose Bike Party.  I can’t wait!

Strange microclimate

December 8, 2010

The weather here in Berkeley has been randomly scattered with rain and sunny days, a per usual for this time of year.

I have been using the sunny days for visiting Farmer’s Markets, one of which is a few blocks from my home; meandering through my neighborhood; reading outside; really anything I can outdoors.

The rain days I use as an excuse to stay home and cuddle with the cats, watch movies  and paint.

This Friday is my favorite time of the month, the East Bay Bike Party,

The weather is suppose to be clear allowing for a comfortable ride, with the addition of s’mores and a beer brewery.  If your in the Bay Area I would highly recommend going.

Berkeley Botanical Garden

December 2, 2010

Walked to the University Botanical Garden yesterday.

The walk itself was nice, as I have never explored UC Berkeley and seen what makes up the campus.

The path to the Botanical Garden is up a nice hill, allowing for a gorgeous view by the roses on a clear day.

A soft looking cactus.

Succulents, my favorite.

Tons of cacti!