Oregon roadtrip part 1

I left for Oregon on a Sunday morning eager to arrive at Crater Lake.  When I arrived I noticed that the smoke had blown in from the multitude of fires burning in the state.  Regardless, I set up camp and quickly hopped on my bike to ride to the rim for a view.  Although it was a smoky uphill climb, after so many hours in the car I appreciated every moment of it.  Sadly when I got to the top the view of the lake was obstructed from all the smoke.

The next day I went back early and was able to see the view from the top of the caldera.  Also, made my way to the boat dock for some swimming in the lakes cold clear water, and was able to go to Wizard Island for a nice hike to the top.


A happy me swimming in the cool 50 degree water.  A 6 year wait!Image

A great photo of a crawdad in Crater lake.


View from the top of Wizard Island

After a few days enjoying Crater Lake I made my way to Eugene to hang out with friends.  Got stuck on a highway when it closed abruptly and was happy to find a camping spot which lived up to its name ‘Sunset Cove’.  Spend a few days in Eugene catching up with old friends, exploring Eugene’s downtown, food spots, and museums, and visiting the nearby hot spring for some natural relaxation.


Next I headed to the farm (Nagdeo Farm in Gresham) where I have been the past 12 days.  That update in part 2.  After the farm I will head to the Oregon Coast before visiting Bend- Update 3 & 4.


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